Saturday, August 11, 2012

Luck of the Draw

Each year 500 children are diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Addie was one of them.

Some odds, right?

I'd have to think the odds of me winning the lottery are better than that. We all know the payoff sure would've been.

But this post isn't about cancer or the lottery. It's about soccer. And a 5-year-old boy who laced up a pair of borrowed cleats this morning to give a sport his mom and dad know absolutely nothing about, a try.

It's about trying to be "normal" and doing things normal families do.

It's about questions. Answers. And maybe even odds.

As the four of us (I hate writing that by the way) piled into the car, we couldn't really get a read on whether Isaac really was up for this soccer thing or not. We certainly weren't pushing him into it, but I'd be lying if I said we weren't hoping he'd want to play just a teeny-tiny bit. And that's admitting a lot. If you haven't figured it out by now, we aren't exactly a soccer family. Somehow we avoided it with Addie all these years (and we spent almost 10 years living in what I would consider the soccer capitol of Nebraska). We just never pushed.

But today, we needed Isaac to play. Sure a little for him, but mostly, for us.

While cancer took away our precious little girl (and that's certainly the worst part of it all), it also took away the schedule. For the first time in years, our calendar is clear. Has been for months. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Trust me, it's not.

So, we watched a couple of drills and a game. By game I mean a pack of 5 year olds running after a ball (with the occasional player emerging from the pack to kick the ball or return to the sidelines to talk to mom).

It certainly was entertaining, but with anything these days, I found my eyes looking upward and my mind resting on the question I keep coming back to.

Where's Addie in all of this?

Heaven. Earth. Sitting right beside me. Sitting on a cloud. 

"Mom," Isaac said, bringing me back to earth. "Do I get a trophy?"


"Do I get a trophy?"

Not today, buddy.

But he did win a soccer ball in today's drawing.

And so did a little girl named Addison.

Now what are the odds of that?

Isaac and his new soccer ball.

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  1. Jamie, I was so glad to see you there today with Isaac, and so tickled when his name was chosen for the boy's soccer ball. And when Addison's was drawn for the girl’s ball, I thought the same thing you did - what are the odds? Then I read your post.

    I don't know if I am right or not, but my heart believes God sends all of those little “coincidences” to let us know that God has not forgotten us or what we are going through. I think He also sends them to remind us that the people we have lost are still with us in a way.

    My image is of your Addison, picking through the pieces of paper and putting Addison’s on top, where it could be drawn, so we would be reminded of a sweet little 9 year old who made a big difference in so many lives. And I bet she would love to watch Isaac play soccer if he chooses to play.