Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Gift

It's no secret I've struggled to come to terms with this pregnancy.


I'm set to be induced in a few hours and can honestly say I've moved to a little bit better place.

(Collective Sigh of Relief)

That's not to say I didn't cry at school today or on my way home or at the cemetery, but something happened this afternoon that brought me some peace. It was a gift really.

And I'd been begging for it, well, forever.

This is what I found tonight while straightening up the basement.

Well hello to you too.

The handwriting is unmistakable; the feeling, indescribable.

A simple little note laying right by the leg of the couch.

I opened it up and -


No matter.

Do I think Addie buzzed down and delivered this message while I was at school today?


That'd be crazy, right?

Was there a perfectly good explanation as to how it got there?

Ummm, sort of.

Do I think I ran across this note at the exact moment I was meant to?



  1. I believe Addie knew what you needed, with all my heart I believe.
    Tammy Mason

  2. Thanks, Tammy. She always seems to be there when I need her the most.