Monday, June 29, 2015


Note: This is the 10th update I made to Addison's CarePages site. I have to believe I found this treasure when I needed it most.

Posted May 17, 2012 8:53am
Sometimes something comes along just when you need it most.
It’s no secret this week has been particularly tough for me.
I completely underestimated just how awful Mother’s Day could be when the ring leader of all things crafty and sweet isn’t around to make you something, well, crafty and sweet.
The downward spiral continued Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, as the school year came to an end and I realized there wouldn’t be the normal flood of activities to fill our summer calendar.
And then I found another piece of Addie.
I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. Well actually, I was looking for something to wear to work today and since I haven’t exactly gotten around to moving the spring and summer clothes up to our bedroom, I went down to the spare room to rummage through the dresser.
That’s when I saw it.
A piece of drawing paper. Red ink. Addie’s handwriting.
Something I'd never seen before.
This is what it said (you’ll notice I haven’t edited it at all):
I was sitting on the front porch…rocking in the rocking chair. I wondered what I’d do with my life, what that I would be. And I said, I can be anything that I want. Cause this is the Free USA. Land of the free with glory. I can be anything. My mom told me when I was young, you’ve got to believe. Got to believe.
It filled three-fourths of the page and probably wasn't completely finished. Yet to me, it was perfect.

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