Saturday, June 27, 2015


Note: This is the third update I made to Addison's CarePages site. We were in ICU and spent our days talking to Addison and reading the messages people had left for her on the website. I hope with everything I have that she was able to hear each and every word. 

Posted Mar 23, 2012 9:27pm
A couple of weeks ago, Addison and her friend L decided to venture down the road on their bikes. Their destination? G's house just a mile or so up the road. When they reached G's house they spent a couple of hours doing what girls do: playing.
When Addie and L returned to our house, they admitted they were a little tuckered out. Why? Because in order to get to G's house, they had make their way up a hill. It was hard work. The kind of hard work that makes you want to get off your bike and push.
As doctors prepared Addie for another procedure, I talked with her about that hill. It seems she's reached another one just like it. So I asked her to keep working hard to get up that hill. She can pedal, she can push, she can do whatever it takes to get up that hill. Because once she gets to the top, it'll be a lot easier.

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